ADL Boot Camp

There’s plenty of learning material for ADL on Trading Technologies’ website (which we highly recommend), including several instructional videos that give a detailed explanation of nearly every single Block on the ADL Design Canvas.

They do an excellent job of telling you WHAT the blocks do. In our immersive ADL Boot Camp classes, we show you HOW to use them.

Want to build a certain strategy, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. 

We show you the very important DO’s and DON’Ts of designing algorithms, or “Best Practices”. We will show you how to build individual pieces of logic that are used in many trading algorithms, as well as a few basic versions of entire strategies.  

Thinking of transitioning to the new TT ADL from the legacy X_Trader ADL? We highlight the current advantages and shortcomings of the new platform so you’re informed before you decide to make the switch.

Classes will be online, in a “webinar” format where students can ask questions live and get immediate answers with visual examples to help you better understand the process of building your own trading algorithm from scratch. The content of each ADL Boot Camp is flexible, determined by our students. Each class has some pre-planned lessons to suit the needs of the students with ample time for Q&A.

The “Boot Camp” classes are best suited to people with some ADL experience; whether they be users who have tried to learn it themselves and have become discouraged, enthusiastic beginners who want to get pointed in the right direction, or frustrated users who are stuck on the dreaded “learning plateau” and need a boost.

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ADL Boot Camp




Live Interactive Class With Q&A


Classes are scheduled routinely, and as demand warrants. If you cannot make the time of our next scheduled ADL Boot Camp, please fill out a contact form and include your preferences for scheduling, including days of the week, time of day, number of attendees, etc.

Past Boot Camps

Recorded ADL Boot Camps


4 hour long recording of the most recent ADL Boot Camp

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