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Jim Pauley

Jim started his career on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in 1992, and spent the better part of 20 years trading interest rate calendar spreads, butterflies, packs/bundles, butterfly spreads, ETFs, and options. Since 2012 he has been designing trading algorithms in ADL by Trading Technologies, as well as teaching classes both live and online.


Chris White

Chris started his career trading options before moving to a prop trading group where he traded a variety of futures products and was solely responsible for designing the firm’s automated execution strategies and order management systems using ADL.  He has been building trading algorithms in ADL since early 2013.

Learning Curve

Get past the plateau.

The Learning Curve illustration to the right is from Tim Ferriss’s book The 4-Hour Chef, and it is so true:  You start off with so much enthusiasm, making such great progress, and then it stalls.  This is because there is only so much you can learn from only one point of view: yours.  Self-teaching is great for building a solid foundation but the diminishing returns are difficult to put behind you when you don’t have any help.  Your “AHA!!” moment will come a lot sooner when you get some assistance from an expert.  

You do not have a choice of whether or not to be challenged.  You do have a choice of whether or not to fail.

Green Arrow On Black BreakThrough

We can help you break through.

Everyone’s life path is full of obstacles and road blocks, especially in the learning process.

The successful people are the ones who do not let anything keep them from achieving their goals, and do whatever it takes to overcome those obstacles.  If it was easy, everybody would be successful.

Get the boost you need to break out.