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We have launched hundreds of automated trading strategies into live markets using Trading Technologies’ ADL (Algo Design Lab) since 2012, and have helped many other traders learn how to program their own trading algorithms.

ADL is intuitive to traders in a lot of ways, but in some ways it’s not at all. We have learned several tricks and little nuances of ADL over the years through countless hours of trial and error building strategies in ADL, and dozens of hours spent speaking on the phone and in person with the fine folks at the Help Desk.

If you are one of the hundreds of traders out there who have strategies they “were going to have coded” or “got pretty close to getting it done”, we can help you break through the plateau and bring the process to completion:  get your algorithm running in live markets.

Our free ADL instructional videos show you how to build and implement logic in a trading algorithm without knowing a programming language. And if you need additional help, you can schedule a live online consulting session with one of our ADL experts (the guys from the videos, obviously).

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A Few Examples Of Our Free ADL Instructional Videos

What We Do

ADL Consulting

We have spent thousands of hours designing, debugging, and deploying algorithms in ADL since it was first released in 2012.  Trust us when we say that there is a lot that we have learned through trial and error and with the help of our friends at the ADL Help Desk and in TT’s engineering department.  We learned very early on that 20 minutes of sitting next to an engineer and watching him build was worth about 2 weeks or more of trying to learn ourselves.  Every little tip and trick you learn can save you countless hours of learning and thousands of dollars in improved functionality of your algorithms, not to mention error prevention.

So whether you just want something done right without having to do it yourself, or you want to learn how to do it yourself by learning from an expert right there on your screen, we can help. We’ve talked to many traders who have dabbled in ADL, and they all seem to agree on one thing:  ADL is easy to learn because 80% of it is intuitive, but that remaining 20% is what makes it so difficult to master.   Don’t try and go it alone.

Individual/Group ADL Training

Are you an individual or trading group that is looking to automate your strategies, or optimize your already automated strategies?  We have decades of experience trading, and many years’ worth of experience designing algorithms for traders.  Some of those traders didn’t even know what they wanted until we showed them!  One of the biggest barriers to algo development is the ability of traders and computer programmers to communicate effectively.  Many traders can’t even describe their own strategy to someone because it’s second nature.  We look at the world through a trader’s eyes, and we speak your language.  One of the most valuable components of one’s experience is having done something nearly every possible wrong way before finally discovering the right one.  Don’t waste your time trying to figure it all out on your own when there is help available.  We can do individual or group sessions.

ADL Boot Camp

There is plenty of very solid learning material for ADL on TT’s website which we highly recommend, including several instructional videos that give a detailed explanation of nearly every single Block on the ADL Design Canvas.  They do an excellent job of telling you what the blocks do.  During our intensive “Boot Camp” classes, our focus is on how the blocks are used.  

We show you the very important DO’s and DON’Ts of designing algorithms, or “Best Practices”.  We will show you how to build individual pieces of logic that are used in many trading algorithms, as well as a few basic versions of entire strategies.  The “Boot Camp” classes are best suited to people with some ADL experience; whether they be users who have tried to learn it themselves and have become discouraged, enthusiastic beginners who want to get pointed in the right direction, or frustrated users who are stuck on the dreaded “learning plateau” and need a boost.

Classes will be online, in a “webinar” format where students can ask questions live and get immediate answers with visual examples to help you better understand the process of building your own trading algorithm from scratch. The schedule and format for our “Boot Camps” is flexible.  Each class has pre-planned lessons to suit the needs of the students with ample time for Q&A.  

Classes are scheduled routinely, and as demand warrants. If you cannot make the time of our next scheduled “Boot Camp”, please fill out a contact form to include your preferences for scheduling, including days of the week, time of day, number of attendees, etc.


Paul Gavin

I've been in the trading industry for 20 years and Chris and Jim were able to really open my eyes to new ideas and ways to implement them.  Their expertise goes way beyond ADL as they used real world logic and how to make it come to life on the ADL canvas.  Both of them did a great job of explaining each block, strategy and the reasoning behind it.  Their courses are perfect for anyone from beginners to experts and everyone in between.

Paul Gavin
Steve Lee

The classes were great, material was easy to understand, the examples were real world applications, and all my questions were answered immediately with live examples. The workshop was very informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn cutting edge strategy development techniques. Thanks again!!!

Steve Lee
David Broadway

I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know what a great experience it was to learn from you guys. Jim Pauley is a fantastic instructor; his teaching style made the classes enjoyable, fun and extremely informative. The amount of content Jim and Chris are able to pack in and explain clearly and concisely makes theses courses an exceptional value. It would have taken me many months to figure out what was taught in just a few two hour classes. Also, thought you guys might appreciate a face to go with the name of your (hopeful) star student 😉 so I attached a photo below of me with one of my eight daughters (no that's not a typo) on a recent hike. With continued implementation of the understanding and strategies taught here at, I'll have even more time to spend like this. Thank you Jim Pauley and Chris White for your dedication and determination to teaching the layman how to compete in this evolving computer-driven algorithmic market.

David Broadway
Jeff Shandling

"Whether you are looking to hire consultants to turn your trading ideas into algorithmic reality or you're interested in learning how to create trading algorithms on your own, you will not find a more knowledgeable and dedicated team than Jim Pauley and Chris White."

Jeff Shandling
Roman Uvira

"I had no experience with designing algos before taking Jim's and Chris' course. All I knew was trading from the chart and these guys showed me a whole new level to approach the market and build trading strategies. With their help, commitment, and expertise I was able to build my own algos only within a few weeks of study. Don't miss the opportunity to work with them!"

Roman Uvíra